Pro Tip




If you have dipsy followers that make annoying posts but you sort of like their reblogs then download x-kit and install the mute button (it gives you the option of blocking some type of original posts and leaving the others unblocked) . It blocks their original text posts from showing up on your dash which will probably save you a lot of ‘ugh shut up you idiot why they hell did i mutual follow you’. So yeah. There.

I literally want the total opposite of this. I really only care about personal/orignal posts and I wish there was a way to mute certain reblogs when they’re not tagged so my blacklist doesn’t work!

clivepughofficial There is actually an extension for that, too! After downloading xkit go to get extension and ‘Show Originals’ is an option where you can opt to only see original posts from those you follow. ^-^

Anonymous asked: with a woman


the first time I had sex with a woman, I met God..

she was 5’5 with skin like pecans & eyes like honey.. Moroccan & creole. her face was a direct link to her father, & her smile a duplicate of her mother’s.. she was easily the most beautiful being 18 year old me had ever met..

the first time i had sex with a woman, she stood with me kneeling in front of her like the first prayer i ever spoke, & i spread her like a bible before me. i devoured her… that’s how i knew she was holy. because i had never known a meal that left me hungrier than i had been before my first bite.. then i was inside her, & it was like being born again.. & again… & again.

i didn’t stop until she trembled.. until she begged me..

until I was Godly, too..

the first time i had sex with a woman, it was heaven & hell. saint & sinner.. clearly the experience converted me.. i was saved.